About Flavour Industries

we are leading manufacturer of industrial brushes located at morbi, gujarat, india since year 2015.

Our brushes are know for its superior design, build quality and durability. We make all kind of industrial brushes for any type of applications for industries like ceramic, textile, printing, automotive, construction, paper and metal. flavour industries build its reputation with innovative concepts to supply high quality custom-designed brushes for special applications.

Our main market

  • Ceramic industries (tiles manufacturer)
  • Paper manufacturer
  • Textile Printing & Finishing
  • Glass Washing
  • Printing industries

Our speciality

  • Modern brush making machinery and plant
  • Custom designed brush with high quality standard and durability for specialised need
  • Short time delivery
  • Export quality brushes with competitive price
  • We use the best material in bristle/strings of our brushes that make it stronger and last longer than others

Why Choose Us

Standard Design

Our brushes are well designed to use in any application at industries while giving the maximized output result.

Durability & Lasts Longer

Our brushes are made using high quality materials which make it work for longer period than ordinary brushes.

Easy and Affordable

We have competitive costing which any one can afforde and we always count its costing due to its massive daily basis usage.